Adventure Sightseeing Tour


On this an adventurous 4WD /total 1200km driving/ trip across central Mongolia, we will experience the incredible diversity of scenery in Mongolia abounds. There are much of the journey being on dirt roads but it is also highly rewarding with spectacular scenery and memorable sights throughout. Offering plenty of good walks and cultural interactions.

Our tour will take 8 days to cover the best travel destinations in Mongolia including UNESCO World Heritage Sites; Mongolian Ancient Capita Karakorum - ruins and museum of ancient, the most visited Terelj National Park and famous Genghis Khan’s statue complex, which is currently the biggest (40m high) equestrian statue in the world.

This tour is well-organized, including all accommodations during the trip, Airport pickup/ drop off, all meals, and tourist camp, transportation, horse riding time will be booked and planned so you don't need to worry about anything just enjoy your trip our guide will stick with you all the time except in Ulaanbaatar after dinner.


4pax 3pax 2pax
$ 1700 $ 1900 $ 2200
Per adult in a twin share room Want your own room? from an extra USD 240
BEST PRICE QUARENTEE Flexible to choose your travel dates
DESTINATION 8 destinations in Mongolia
START/END IN Ulaanbaatar/ Ulaanbaatar
AGE RANGE min 3 years old
ACCOMADATION Hotel (2 nights), Tourist camp ger (6 nights)
MEALS Breakfasts 8, Lunches 7, Dinners 8
GROUP SIZE min 2 max 18
AVIALABILITY 2019-07-01 to 2019-10-01



Sainbainuu! Welcome to Mongolia, whenever your international flight lands at “Chinggis Khan” international airport our team will meet you at the airport and you will be transferred to the hotel in the city. Free at leisure for the rest of the day.

You may need some time to relax and recover from the long-distance flight or possibly from jet-lag. If you feel like going for a walk and checking out places nearby, feel free to ask from your hotel reception for recommendations.


  • Hotel (1 night)

Meals Included

  • Dinner at / Hotel Restaurant/ if your flight lands late at Ulaanbaatar we will prepare a dinner box at your hotel room


After breakfast at the hotel, your adventure begins, we drive to Bayan Gobi (approximately 5 hours).  magnificent sand dunes - surrounded by hills with willow trees, streams, and bushes, and appear as a small desert in the center of the country. This sand dune is 80km long and the widest part of the sand dune is 9-10 km. Also, the sand dune called the mini Gobi.

In the afternoon, we will visit a camel herder family and explore their unique nomadic lifestyle. The sand dunes are the perfect place for camel riding. We will discover this magnificent place on camelback. Mongolia is home to 2/3 of the two-humped Bactrian camels in the world. It is a gentle, calm and extraordinary patient animal and can carry on without water for a month.

Bet, you never rode a Bactrian camel, riding a Bactrian camel is much more comfortable than the camel in Sahara, India or anywhere else. Its two humps support you from both sides and easy pace will comfort you so much. Return to the Ger camp near the sand dunes for dinner and overnight. 


  • Tourist Ger Camp (1 night)
  • Included Activities
  • Bayan Gobi sand dunes
  • visit camel herder family
  • Hiking riding camel

Meals Included

  • Breakfast   at / Hotel Restaurant/ Ulaanbaatar
  • Lunch        at /Tourist  ger camp restaurant/ Bayangobi sand dune
  • Dinner       at /Tourist ger camp restaurant/ Bayangobi sand dune

After breakfast, we will drive to Orkhon river and the Red waterfall in Orkhon valley ( approximately 3-4 hours). The valley had attracted humankind since Paleolithic times some 750,000 years ago. Therefore Orkhon valley is one of the world’s most important cultural regions and recognized as a “Cultural Landscape” of the UNESCO World Heritage in 2004. 

The Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape is the place to visit for anyone who wishes to follow the historical path of the Mongol Empire. Orkhon valley is boasted its’ natural beauties, making it one of the favorite places among tourists. You will witness unique lifestyle, culture, and rare historical memorials.

The beauty of Orkhon Valley, Orkhon waterfall formed by combination volcanic eruption and earthquakes some 20000 years ago cascades down from a height of 27 meters.  Stay overnight at tourist Ger camp


  •  Tourist Ger Camp (1 night)
  • Included Activities
  • Orkhon waterfall
  • Hiking
  • Visit nomadic families

Meals Included

  • Breakfast  at /Tourist ger camp restaurant/ Bayangobi sand dune
  • Lunch        at /Tourist ger camp restaurant/ Orkhon waterfall
  • Dinner        at /Tourist ger camp restaurant/ Orkhon waterfall


After breakfast, we will drive to Tsenkher Valley (approximately 2-3 hours) which  Mongolians call 'The Paradise of the Horse Herders' due to its lush grasses and open valleys, where water flows out of the ground at 86°C, and where we can enjoy a relaxing soak.

The afternoon is free to explore the valley and surrounding hills either by foot or by horseback. Stay overnight at tourist Ger camp


  • Tourist Ger Camp (1 night)
  •  Included Activities
  • Tsenkher Valley  Hot springs
  • Horse trekking
  • Hiking in the beautiful forest

Meals Included

  • Breakfast  at /Tourist ger camp restaurant/ Orkhon waterfall
  • Lunch        at /Tourist ger camp restaurant/ Tsenkher hot spa
  • Dinner        at /Tourist ger camp restaurant/ Tsenkher hot spa


After breakfast, we will drive to the Karakorum and Erdenezuu Monastery (approximately 1-3 hours). The Karakorum was not only the capital of the vast Mongolian Empire but the epic center of trade along Silk Road.

However, the Karakorum of today is a small settlement with little focus on tourism. Today there is a museum does show off some of the artifacts they've recovered so far, Upon arrival in the village, we will visit the museum of Karakorum and learn about beautiful ancient Karakorum.

Then we will visit the magnificent and the oldest Buddhist Monastery complex of Erdene Zuu, built in the 16th century, with 108 stupas. Here you can see interesting listen to monk chanting Buddhist sutras. Stay overnight at tourist Ger camp


  • Tourist Ger Camp (1 night)
  • Included Activities
  • Karakorum museum
  • Erdenezuu Monastery

Meals Included

  • Breakfast  at /Tourist ger camp restaurant/ Tsenkher hot springs
  • Lunch        at /Tourist ger camp restaurant/ Kharkhorin
  • Dinner        at /Tourist ger camp restaurant/ Kharkhorin


After breakfast, we will drive to  Ugii Lake (approximately 2 hours), - is located up 1337m from the ocean level and it is a pure water steppe lake, which is 7.9km long, 5km wide. The lake Ugii is famous for its birdlife.

Ogii lake has registered in the Ramsar Convention for being important breeding and staging area for a variety of waterfowl. Lunch and check-in at Ger camp on the shore of the lake. 

In the late afternoon is free time for your own. There is you can travel by normal boat or motorboat and go fishing in the lake. Fishing equipment rental is available from the camp. Or just walking and hiking around the lake. 


  • Tourist Ger Camp (1 night)
  • Included Activities
  • Lake Ugii
  • Swimming, fishing boat rip

Meals Included

  • Breakfast  at /Tourist ger camp restaurant/ Kharkhorin
  • Lunch        at /Tourist ger camp restaurant/ Ugii lake
  • Dinner        at /Tourist ger camp restaurant/ Ugii lake


In the morning, we will drive to the Hustai National Park (approximately 4-5 hours). This area is home to the Mongolian wild horse known as Przewalski horse (Takhi) with the unique landscape that features, mountain and steppe.

After lunch at Hustai Ger camp, we will visit the small Ger museum of the national park and wild horse. The Takhi and marmots are easy to see around 2-3hrs earlier than the sunset when they come down from mountains for water to stream. 

In the early evening, we will take short drive and hiking to see the horses in their natural habitat. Seeing these truly wild horses which numbered in the hundreds of thousands of years ago, will make you feel like you have traveled thousands of years back in time. There is great opportunity to take a photo of these endangered horses. If you are lucky, you can see fox, deer, roe deer, eagle, and more animals and birds… 


  • Tourist Ger Camp (1 night)
  • Included Activities
  • Hustai National Park (Wild Horse Park) 
  • Hiking

Meals Included

  • Breakfast  at /Tourist ger camp restaurant/ Ugii lake
  • Lunch        at /Tourist ger camp restaurant/ Khustai National Park
  • Dinner        at /Tourist ger camp restaurant/ Khustai National Park


Today we will drive back to Ulaanbaatar (approximately 1-2 hours). We will visit Zaisan Memorial Hill is located on the south side of Ulaanbaatar City, right beside the Bogd Khan Mountain having the best view of the city and surrounding hills. 

Next visit Bogd Khan Palace museum - the complex was a residence of 8th Bogd Javzandamba in the 19th century, the head of Mongolian religion. The palace consists of seven Summer Prayer temples and the winter palace. 

After lunch, visit “Gandan” Monastery, Mongolia’s largest functioning Buddhist monastery including the Mongolian Buddhist University. The highlight of visiting Gandan is the 26-meter-high majestic gilded indoor statue of Megjid Janraisig. 

Afterward, free of your choice. You can be transferred to the hotel for rest and refreshment or go shopping for souvenirs and local products, your guide will be ready to serve you for that. Suggested shopping places are State department store, the famous “Gobi” cashmere factory store. 

In the evening, we will visit “Wonders of Mongolia” folklore show by famous Tumen-Ekh ensemble - is one of the most successful folk art groups to share traditional Mongolian music with the world, having traveled to over 40 countries. Will have dinner at 8:00 o’clock and transferred to the hotel. 


  • Hotel 4-5 star (1 night)

Included Activities

  • Zaisan Memorial Hill
  • Bogd Khan Palace museum
  • “Gandan” Monastery
  • Shopping at Department store, Gobi cashmere factory store
  • “Wonders of Mongolia” folklore show

Meals Included

  • Breakfast   at/tourist ger camp restaurant/ Khustai N.P
  • Lunch         at/ restaurant/ in Ulaanbaatar/
  • Dinner        at/ restaurant/ in Ulaanbaatar/

You will be free at leisure in your hotel or wander around on your own until being escorted to the Chinggis Khaan International Airport for your departure flight home.

Your driver will assist you with flight check-in and luggage, and see you off at the point of security check.  Note: You must be at the Chinggis Khaan International Airport  2 hours before your flight time.

Meals Included

  • Breakfast   at /hotel restaurant/

Inclusions and Exclusions


  • Airport Pick up / Drop off service with privet Vehicle for Arrival/Departure
  • All Hotels 4-5star and Good tourist ger camps during the trip.
  • Hotel (2 nights )  based on two persons sharing one room with twin beds.
  • Tourist Ger Camp (6 nights) - based on two persons sharing one Ger with twin beds.
  • If you would like to spend one or two nights as a homestay in a local nomadic family or in a ger camp please just mention it when you book our tour.
  • All meals during the trip  (8 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 8 dinners )
  • Privet Vehicle in the countryside trip and city tour during your  trip & petrol + experienced driver
  • Private English speaking guides at all times
  • Camel 1 hour, Horse riding + horse riding guide 1 hour  
  •  “Wonders of Mongolian Art” performance with Tumen-Ekh ensemble
  • All entrance fees of museums, attractions, national parks and protected areas according to the itinerary
  • Bottled water – 1 liter per day
  • Visa invitation letter, if required 
  • all taxes


  • International Airfare
  • Daily personal expenses
  • Laundry, camera & video fees at any states
  • Visa application & fees
  • Changes of arrival/ departure flight
  • Tips and gratuities for guides and drivers
  • Travel insurance (recommended)
  • Meals/beverages not stated in itinerary
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Snacks



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