Chinggis Khan's choice of Karakorum as the capital of the Mongol Empire was no coincidence. The surrounding Orkhon Valley was the center of preceding nomadic empires for centuries and had enormous symbolic importance.

The valley had attracted humankind since Paleolithic times some 750,000 years ago. Therefore Orkhon valley is one of the world’s most important cultural regions and recognized as a “Cultural Landscape” of the UNESCO World Heritage in 2004. The Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape is the place to visit for anyone who wishes to follow the historical path of the Mongol Empire.

Orkhon valley is boasted its’ natural beauties, making it one of the favorite places among tourists. You will witness unique lifestyle, culture, and rare historical memorials. The beauty of Orkhon Valley, Orkhon waterfall formed by combination volcanic eruption and earthquakes some 20000 years ago cascades down from a height of 27 meters.