Sukhbaatar square is the central square of Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar. It lies at the heart of the city surrounded by important buildings such as government palace, banks and theaters and post office.

In front of the Government House, a large statue of Genghis Khan proudly stands outside of the building, and equestrian statues of Mongol Empire’s army leaders and Genghis Khan’s son and grandson. An inner courtyard of the building holds a large ceremonial Ger used for hosting visiting dignitaries. In 1921 in the center of Ulaanbaatar, the ‘hero of the revolution’, Damdin Sukhbaatar, declared Mongolia’s final independence from the Chinese. 

The bronze statue of Sukhbaatar stands at the center of the square. Then a square is named after Sukhbaatar. As well as this is the place where Peaceful anti-communism protests were held here in 1990, which eventually ushered in the era of democracy.