The Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve is protected in order to conserve threatened species. Citizens representing Khural (local Parliament) in the sum of Bayandelger, province of Tov, created the reserve in 2003.

It’s composed of three zones: one is “touristic” and open to visitors, another one has a restricted access, and the last one, central, is forbidden which are the ecosystem of the steppe, rocky mountain, small lakes, river, streams, and wetland, and it is about 20000 hectare. The harmonized complex of high mountains, steppes, rivers, lakes, and wetlands as well are kept enough as its original condition.

The advantages of Gun-Galuut is no overcrowd of people mixed with domestic tourists although it’s located just 130 km from Ulaanbaatar capital city and easy access of driving (just for 2 hours) make this area to become the most attractive place for the tourism.