Yol valley originally established to conserve birdlife in the region. But it’s now more famous for its dramatic and very unusual scenery- its valley in the middle of the Gobi Desert with meters thick ice almost all year around.

It’s one of the natural secrets of Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park and beautiful deep canyon with many rocky cliffs has been created by many years of water erosion. Yoliin Am is located in the mountains of Zuun Saikhan.

The bearded vulture, Yol in Mongolian, gave its name to the Yoliin Am Valley, the Gorge of Bearded Vultures. Located at a height of 2500 meters (8202,10 feet), Yol Canyon forms a gorge that is so deep and so narrow, that only two persons can pass in some places.

The water forms four small waterfalls. Although the sun shines a lot in this region, the canyon remains dark, so that in the bottom, a part of the river remains nearly all year long covered by a thick layer of ice.